04 Jul 2019

IOM - Call for Proposal - Support for Community Stabilization in Najaf District

 IOM Call for Proposal

Support for community stabilization in Najaf District

1. Project Background

Iraq is at a critical juncture, emerging from a conflict with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and a long history of the internecine conflict which have set back the country’s economic and social development substantially. Iraq grapples with many of the features of the so-called “conflict trap”, in which the cumulative effects of Iraq’s conflicts on development leave the country vulnerable to the recurrence of conflict. On 1 April, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Government of Japan (GoJ) launched an innovative new pilot project entitled “Supporting the Security-Development Nexus in Iraq”. Offering a timely response to the challenges in Iraq, the project seeks to leverage the mutually reinforcing nature of security and development, carefully calibrating action under both rubrics to break the cycle of conflict.

Through this Call for Proposal, IOM aims to support up to 3 to 5 local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Najaf district to improve capacity in project management, overall administrative and financial management, and specific technical areas such as community safety, livelihoods, social cohesion, and psychosocial and family support.

Upon the submission of a project proposal, pre-selected participants will receive an introductory training in developing and managing activities under the IOM grant. Second, upon the completion of introductory training, the participants will be encouraged to revise and improve the initial proposal submitted to obtain the IOM small grant. IOM will support 3 to 5 local organizations with grants valued at up to USD 15 000 each. The successful CSOs will receive coaching on project management and administrative and financial management throughout grant administration.

2. Scope of work

Selected CSOs will first receive an introductory training to improve their institutional capacity and project project development skills. Successful CSOs will receive a grant for implementing activities for community stabilization, using innovative approaches to promote inclusion, cooperation, and mutual tolerance and resilience among community members. IOM will provide technical and operational support to the CSOs through regular on-site coaching/mentoring.

Project Proposal for the Grant Scheme should follow the guidelines below:
1) Project Duration: A proposed project for the grant scheme should be implemented from October 1st

2019. It should end by February 31th 2020. It is recommended to have 4 to 5 month for implementation.

2) Beneficiaries: Community members, with a focus on IDPs, people living with disabilities, war wounded/veterans, orphans, widows and other female headed households, and other groups in vulnerable situations, in the target district. Gender and ethno-religious balance must be taken into account.

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