15 Nov 2022
 Request for Application (English and Arabic Packages) For more information please download the attachment. لمعلومات اكثر يرجى تحميل الملفات المرفقة.
06 Nov 2022
For more information please download the attachment.
Emergency grants for women journalists in distress Call for Application Description The emergency grants designed to assist women journalists in the event of an emergency or crisis. Emergency or crises are unexpected events that significantly impact individuals' operations, security, or financial sustainability. The Emergency grants will make flexible funds available for prompt remedial actions to protect individuals, take early steps to reduce risks, and provide rapid intervention to minimize interruption of regular operations or information isolation. Assistance may range from small grants for psychological and medical care for incidents directly related to threats and crises caused by one's work as a journalist, legal aid to counter threats of imprisonment in extreme cases, and moving targeted women journalists out of their…