20 Jun 2022

Creating and filming animated, informational, and dramatized videos

Invitation letter 


Date: June 20, 2022 

To: All Prospective Bidder  

Dear Sir/Madam, 

SEED foundation receives grants from various donors for the implementation of the  humanitarian work in KRG. Part of this operation requires creating and filming animated,  informational, and dramatized videos. 

n order to increase awareness of the SEED Foundation’s SEED Girls program amongst key  stakeholders including local communities, schools and youth groups, government, and other  NGOs operating in the KRI, SEED will develop an online awareness campaign. 

This will include developing a catalog of resources that SEED Girls graduates can revisit and share  with their friends and family, and that can be shared with young girls from across the KRI who  cannot access the program (due to limited numbers, distance etc.). 

The videos would be housed on a central online hub and be disseminated via social media for  public audiences. Additionally, the videos will be made available to graduates to share amongst  their cohort chats/groups. 

Submission of offer  

Bids must be submitted through email to  

. The subject of the email should be 

(ITB-ERB-22-006- animated video production services). All bidders must submit all documents listed in Annex  A: Table (1). Moreover, all bidders must fill out Annex A: Table (2) and (3). All video samples should be  submitted in a Zip format or shared through a link in the same email along with the documents

ITB-ERB-22-006 www.seedkurdistan.org


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