11 Jan 2022

SEA Investigator/Consultant

SEED Foundation is seeking a Vendor to provide the SEA Investigator/Consultant.  The key requirements are: 



  • The candidate must be trained and certified in SEA investigations. 

  • Experience conducting SEA investigations in challenging environments. 

  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills and an ability to conduct face-to-face and remote learning events.

  • Ability to travel to and stay in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq for assignments (up to 10 days), sometimes at short notice.

  • Experience in NGOs and working in humanitarian settings is highly desirable.

  • Demonstrated experience in the field of sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, gender-based violence, staff misconduct and discipline, and/or humanitarian affairs is highly desirable. 

Please find attached the Request for Proposal Document and send your application to by no later than January, 25th 2022
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