21 May 2020

QRCS - WASH Covid-19 Emergency Response | A3/IRAQ/2020

Tender Advertisement

Tender Reference: Tender #A3/IRAQ/2020

QRCS pleased to advertise tender No #A3/IRAQ/2020 Dated 20/05/2020 Due on 02/06/2020 You are hereby invited to submitted above bid of the project. Copies of the documents included drawing and specification in good conditions, Offers must submit an offer in their own format and ensure it contains all the required documents and information specified in this tender. Where an itemized Price Offer Sheet is included in the tender package, the offeror must complete and submit it with the Deadline for Offer Submission: 02/June/2020 at 02:00. PM., and QRCS reserves the right to accept or reject any late offers. In case you have any Questions and Answers (Q&A), If any, Submit Questions in writing to: . 


Logistics Department

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