21 May 2020

DORCAS - Hens & Roosters, Fodder, & Fence | Dorcas/6455/006

Call for Tender

Renovation of 20 boreholes

Dorcas is seeking  a contract for (1080 Hens and 120Roosters), Fodder and Fence according to the information below:

Instructions to Suppliers

Dear Supplier,

This tender is only for Agriculture Companies or general trading companies that have the similar work, So if you are interested in this tender please do the following:

  1.  Read the Tender Specifications below and read all instructions on this page. Please make sure you have understood the evaluation criteria (including the Ethical Code of Conduct, Ineligibility Criteria and Grounds for Exclusion).

  2. Prepare your Tender Offer

  3. Complete the Supplier Form including all the information requested.

  4. Please provide the following information/documents:

    • Company registration document (compulsory)

    • Company profile indicating key personnel and their contact details (optional)

    • List of previous similar supply (optional)

    • Tax payment document

  5. Put all your Tender information into a sealed envelope and submit to the , Dohuk, Kurdistan Region of Iraq by the final date 28/05, 2020 no later than (3:00 PM). The sealed envelope should be labeled with the words 'Tender' and Dorcas tender reference numberDorcas/6455/006 written on the envelope.Dorcas will provide a sealed container for tender submissions at the above address. No unsealed tenders will be accepted.



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