26 Mar 2020

NRC - Call for Expression of Interest - Voucher Program | Extended

Call for Expression of Interest

Participation of NRC Livelihoods – GIZ Voucher Program

General Description

NRC secured funding from GIZ for an Agricultural livelihoods program in Anbar targeting Fallujah (Hasai Neumiyah neighbourhoods) and Ramadi district (albothiab neighbourhoods and surrounding areas) to support the economic situation of small-scale farmers and other actors involved in agricultural value chains in Anbar Governorate (Iraq). The specific actions under this project include the rehabilitation of critical agricultural infrastructure; access to inputs, provision of equipment and technical training for affected farmers and producers’ groups; improving post-harvest handling, revitalising agro-businesses to stimulate employment and agricultural markets; and building the capacity of value chain actors (including government entities) who provide services that farmers rely on. While access to agricultural inputs by the farmers has been identified as a main constraint to restart or scale-up agricultural production, the specific inputs required by the communities vary among households hence provision of the inputs through a value voucher program will be appropriate where communities will have the opportunity to prioritise their needs. 

The markets in Ramadi and Fallujah like any other infrastructure were seriously damaged and the agricultural sector has been negatively impacted by the conflict. While there are observable indicators of the markets bouncing back and reconstruction activities being started, little information exists on the current number and capacity of the agro-enterprises and their ability to meet the needs of the farmers in the two districts.

NRC therefore deemed it necessary and important to carry out a trader capacity assessment, to provide valuable information on the availability, volumes and prices of the agricultural inputs traded in the markets, number of agro-enterprises, business environment to inform a voucher program. Traders/agro-enterprises, through their participation in the market based approach (voucher program), NRC believes that they will regain and promote their business, while at the same time assisting the vulnerable population access Agriculture inputs 

Deadline for the tender: The deadline for submission of tenders is 15:00 on the 12th April 2020. Companies who do not submit their quotation by this deadline will not be considered.

To receive the tender package: The interested suppliers has to fill the form attached to this link (Click Here), then NRC will send the tender package to the registered suppliers only. For more information please send an email to 

NRC reserves the right to select/reject any bids, in part or full, as it may deem necessary without providing feedback on this regard. No liability or claim in that respect would be admissible or entertained whatsoever.

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