15 Mar 2020

CNSF - Hand Tool Construction Kits - Wana | RFTCNSF#080320 | Extended

 Updated 2020/03/24 at 22:15:

  • The deadline has been extended until Wednesday 1st April 2020
  • Submission method changed from the office to the online submission by this Email:
  • All submitted documents should be signed and scanned, otherwise not be acceptable.


Provision of hand tool construction kits for training graduates in Wana


CNSF is a local humanitarian NGO with over 5 years of experience. CNSF provides hope for vulnerable people and works to protect their dignity while creating longer term opportunities for sustainable growth and fulfilling people’s potential. We work with International NGO’s and Private Donors and use Sphere such guideline in our work.

Our primary motivation of any response crisis to save lives, alleviate human suffering and to support the right to life with dignity. 

RFT Title: Provision of hand tool construction kits for training graduates in Wana

RFT Ref#: RFTCNSF#080320


Vendors are invited to submit offers for supplying hand tool construction kits for training graduates in Wana according to the specifications and requirements listed in the attached BOQ file.

The offer provided by the supplier must include the cost of packing if needed as well as the storage cost for a period not exceed 20 days from signing contract as CNSF will supply goods in batches. And to include transportation cost to Wana area. Each offer should have a validation period of not less than 30 days.

The project activities (Provision of materials) should be completed in 20 calendar days.

CNSF reserves the right to award this project to multiple different vendors based on their submitted price and quality of the provided services and materials as they will be evaluated both technically and financially.


Submission Requirements:

  1. Please use the Pricing table template and Vendor Details template attached.
  2. Please print or by handwriting and complete the templates in detail, each form should be signed and stamped.
  3. Company Iraqi registration and other related documents such as tax clearance.
  4. Previous related work and contracts.
  5. Submission offers by hand to CNSF office at Erbil, Naz City (Building E, 7th floor, apartment No. 31)
  6. Proposal currency: United States Dollars (USD)
  7. offers submission Deadline 25th March 2020, 4:00 PM Iraq time zone.


  1. Following the tendering phase, we will select a shortlist of vendors to provide a sample, the samples won’t be returned to the vendors.
  2. Samples must be clearly marked to indicate the RFT and vendor name.
  3. All samples must be placed in appropriate boxes if needed and delivered to CNSF’s office as per future instructions.
  4. Samples will be requested prior to the award.
  5. If any lab test is required, the vendor will be liable for the test cost.
  6. Specifications and Technical Data Sheet is required with samples.


  1. Inquiries are accepted by email only.
  2. Forward your inquiries to  , and
  3. Mention the RFT name, ref#, and vendor name in the email subject.
  4. Inquiries Deadline: 12:00, 12th March 2020. Iraq time zone 4:00 PM, 25th March 2020. Iraq time zone.

* Attachments:

  1. Vendor company details. (To be filled by vendor)
  2. Pricing table template. (To be filled by vendor)


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