12 Feb 2020

CHF - Digital Grain Analyzer - Syria | PR-APRV-056

INVITATION TO BID (Digital grain analyzer)

Dear Prospective Offerors:

CHF International is looking for a company/contractor that can provide a Digital grain Analyzer device to be delivered to one of the mills that are being rehabilitated by CHF in Al Raqqa Governate, Syria


  • Please request the solicitation documents (RFQ), electronically from the email address   Or request the solicitation documents (RFQ) in hard copy from CHF office in Duhok City. (Iraq, Duhok, Geribasi, Baghdad Bank St. Near Qandil NGO. The red building with 4 floors, CHF office - second floor GPS: 36°52'16.0"N 42°58'56.9"E).
  • When requesting the RFQ documents, please state the title of the RFQ in the email subject line “PR-APRV-056 - Digital grain analyzer
  • Please include your WhatsApp number, so we can inform you about any updates, changes or new information regarding the RFQ
  • When requesting the RFQ documents, state the Company/ Supplier title in the email message.
  • Questions about this RFQ shall be sent no later than Thursday 04:00 PM (Syrian Local Time) on 20 Feb 2020 to the following email address:    
  • The deadline for offer submission is Sunday 04:00 PM (Syrian Local Time) on 23 Feb 2020

Looking forward to hearing from your soon.


Best Regards

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