16 Jan 2020

Harikar - Furniture & Equipment - Bardarash & Zummar

Invitation to Bids

Harikar NGO in partnership with UNICEF announces bid for providing Furniture and Equipment’s for Project staff centers in Bardarash and Zummar.

These materials will be delivered to Ninewa governorate/ Zummar Sub-District and Bardarash District. Accordingly, interested companies are invited to Hand over the bids on Thursday 16th of January 2020 at Harikar Office located in Duhok city center, Nohadra Quarter, Jeen Street (4/32) or communicating with Harikar Procurement Officer on mobile (07514249705) and email () for further assistance keeping in mind that the submission deadline is 26th of January 2020 at 12:00 PM. The Offers must bear your official letterhead, clearly identifying your company. Bids should be delivered in sealed and stamped envelope to HARIKAR NGO at Nohadra Q, Jeen Street, House #13, 1005 BA. Submissions can also be made online(www.Harikar.org), by sending the offers to .

To download BIDs files please click on this link: https://harikar.org/?p=688

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