16 Jan 2020

CRS - Upgrading of CRS Office in Kirkuk | 2617 – Kirkuk

Name of Tender: Upgrading of CRS Office in Kirkuk – Third Stage

Tender Number: 2617 – Kirkuk (Second Round)

Deadline Submission date: 27th January 2020, 12:00 PM

For further information please contact: 

Dear Sir / Madam,

CRS Iraq Programs is looking for Vendors to provide the items and services shown in Annex 1 at competitive price and high quality.

General Requirements

1. Must be registered to conduct business and in compliance with government tax regulations.

2. The supplier cannot provide or use any items with origin in the Islamic Republic of Iran or produced by Iranian companies.

3. Experience supplying International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, or large private companies will be an advantage. 

4. CRS retains the right to reject, cancel, negotiate, amend, split and accept any offer, without consideration of the lowest offer.

5. This is an invitation to vendors and is not a promise or obligation that CRS will contract with suppliers through the submitted offers.


Please download the attached file for details.


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