14 Jan 2020

MdM - Legal Advisor



Médecins du Monde (MdM), a non-governmental organization, recognized as being of public interest by French Law (Law 1st July 1901), having its registered office at 62 rue Marcadet 75018 Paris, France.
For more than 30 years, Médecins du Monde, a campaigning medical organization committed to international solidarity, has been caring for the most vulnerable populations at home and abroad. MdM currently works in 38 countries across all continents where it focuses on 5 priority areas: emergency and crisis, sexual and reproductive health, harm reduction, migrants and displaced populations (health rights), health and environment.

MdM has been working in Iraq since the 1990s. MdM is involved in emergency, post-emergency and development programs in Dohuk, Ninewa and Kirkuk governorates, focusing on host communities, IDPs population and returnees. The actual project of MdM is to support health care including sexual and reproductive health, psychosocial support and gender-based violence activities.


The objective is to provide to Médecins du Monde in Iraq-Kurdistan with expert legal advice and services based on legal research to prevent legal risks and ensure the compliance with the legal obligations related to NGO laws, labor law, taxation laws and any other laws in Iraq and Kurdistan.


NGO requirements and registrations by law

  • Advice and assist with all requirements for the NGO according to the NGO law of Iraq and Kurdistan

  • Facilitate the registration & renewal of MdM license/Administrative Decree in the KRI

  • Process the annual narrative and financial report with DNGO Baghdad and KRG.

  • Submit follow-up and get confirmation letter from DNGO about the completion of the report correctly.

  • Facilitate in obtaining Visa, Work and Residency Permit for International staff in KRI

  • Advice and assist in documentation for cross border activities

Contract compatibility with local Law

  • Draft, review and vet MdM contractual documents including but not limited to o Employment contracts,
    • Purchasing framework agreements,
    • Service agreements,
    • Premises lease agreements
    • High value supply contracts
    • High value works contracts

Human Resources:

  • Check that MdM HR tools comply with applicable national laws, provisions and regulations (Compliance with Human Resources Management, staff contracts, policies, internal regulations, conditions of employment, etc...)
  • Advise on specific individual Human Resource issues as per the applicable labor law. Finance

  • Support in payment of income tax to the tax authorities Baghdad.

  • Provide assistance in giving tax adjustments, wherever applicable;

  • Provide legal advice on Tax related issues to the MDM;

  • Assist in the interpretation of Tax laws and policies;

  • Obtain the Tax Exemption certificate for the organization if applicable;

  • Obtain annual Tax Clearance Certificate;

  • Provide legal support and counsel on tax related matters like internal rules and deduction procedures.

  • Liaise between DNGO & Directorate of Income Tax in Baghdad and KRG for the all the issues related to tax and Financial Report

Importation and movement of commodities

  • Support and advice in the processing of Iraq customs clearance procedures during importation

  • Assist in processing internal movement authorizations for commodities (JCC / JCMC)


  • Advise and represent MdM in the competent courts and with legal authorities in case of disputes.


Interested entities should send an expression of interest together with:

  1. Complete professional profile.

  2. Legal status of the company- Registration certificate.

  3. Client’s reference which may be verified by MDM.


The expression should reach no later than 22 of January 2019 on the Both email address: 


Courier to the documents on below mentioned address in sealed envelope between 8:00am till 5:00pm from Sunday till Thursday.

Park View, Building B3, Floor 18, Flat 65, Erbil

Please Note: MDM reserves the rights to reject any bid without assigning any reason.

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