07 Nov 2019

Handicap International - Health Insurance for National Staff | IRAQ/2019/CFT–003 | UPDATED

UPDATED (2019/11/12 at noon): Tender's files have been updated.

National Call For Tender

Health insurance for national staff


Tender Announcement

Handicap International (HI) in partnership with donors is inviting registered health insurance companies to submit offers/bids for framework agreements for a yearly contract.

Health insurance coverage for national employees and their dependents (650 -700 member) based in KRI and in federal Iraq.

All required details is mentioned in the Terms of Reference_ Health Insurance ITB, in English, that may be collected free of charge by all interested bidders from the following address:

  • Erbil Office: Ashti Quarter, House No.720/270/5, Ainkawa – Erbil
  • Contact Email:

Interested companies can contact Handicap International for any questions related to the consultancy one week before the closing day or visit Handicap International offices in Iraq (address above). Offers must be submitted no later than Monday, 25th of November’2019 at 1600 hours (Iraqi Time) only in a sealed envelope with the reference and note mentioned below, the TOR and announcement of the bid can be found on www.ncciraq.org and www.reliefweb.int

IRAQ/2019/CFT–003 /Name of Company “Not to be opened before the Tender opening session

Any requests after the deadline will not be considered.

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