09 Sep 2019

DRC - Renting Vehicles with Driver in Kirkuk - RFQ-IRQ-00048785 | Extended

Last Updated (2019/09/16 at 15:05): Deadline has been extended for THREE days.

Request for Quotation

From: Danish Refugee Council

Address: MRF (Quattro), Block A, Floor 10, Erbil, Iraq

Phone #: +964 (0) 751 501-9640 

RFQ-IRQ-00048785-Renting vehicles with driver in Kirkuk

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) with funding from UNICEF hereby request you to submit price quotation(s) for the supply of the item(s) listed on the attached Bidding Form titled Annex A-Bid Form- RFQ-IRQ-00048785-Renting vehicles with driver in Kirkuk.

Request for Quotation Details

RFQ #:

RFQ-IRQ-00048785-Renting vehicles with driver in Kirkuk

Currency of Bid (3-letter code):


For your information DRC Exchange Rate is 1 USD = 1,184.739053 IQD (This exchange rate is used for evaluation only).

RFQ Issuing Date: 

09th September 2019  Bid Validity Period (days): 30 Days 

RFQ Closing Date:

16th September 2019

19th September 2019

Required Delivery Date: Within 1 day from signing the contract

RFQ Closing Time:

13:00 (Iraqi Time) Required Delivery Destination: Kirkuk Governorate

Questions to the RFQ


Required Delivery Terms: DDP (INCOTERMS 2010) 

Please download the attached files for more details.

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