03 Sep 2019

Mercy Corps (MC) - Call for Request of Pre-qualification for Infrastructure Suppliers & Contractors


CLOSING DATE: 18 September 2019

1 Introduction

This is a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for construction companies in various categories such as civil, mechanical, electrical, architectural and hydrological, which are interested in being evaluated to receive future design and construction tenders for pricing.

1.1 Procurement Description

Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) shall be developed in strict accordance with this request and are to be evaluated in a transparent manner by a committee of reviewers, per the provided evaluation criteria. The purpose of this public tender is to shortlist contractors for a variety of future works programs. Only shortlisted contractors will receive future Requests for Bids (project-specific plans, specifications, and bills of quantities) whereby the contract award will be issued to the lowest, responsible bid. This Request for Qualifications will be re-issued on a semi-annual basis to provide opportunity for additional contractors to be included on the shortlist.

New applicants and applicants that were not prequalified in prior selections will have an opportunity to re-apply every 6 months following an open advertisement.

Applicants that are awarded subsequent tenders may be required to provide bid bonds and performance bonds as required in the future tender documents.

1.2 General Description of the Proposed Contract Activities

Infrastructure works target sanitation and water needs through construction and rehabilitation activities. Activities for sanitation infrastructure works include construction and installation of drainage channels, household showers, pipelines and all throughout associated network. This may also include rehabilitation of drainage networks and sewerage systems where required. Activities for water infrastructure works include new construction or rehabilitation of extraction and treatment plants, pumping stations and network pipelines.

1.3 Estimated Contract Amounts: $2,000,000

2 Tender instructions

2.1 Schedule

The following is a schedule of Project milestones; all dates are subject to change.

Please download the attached files for details.

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