09 Jul 2019

Caritas (CCR) - Medications, Medical, & Laboratory Supplies - Dohuk - IR14/19/01

Instructions for Bidders

Date of announcement: 09/07/2019

Deadline: 24/7/2019 4:00PM

Reference number: Tender/IR14/19/01

Caritas Czech Republic (CCR) is a non-governmental organization working in the field of emergency response and development in a number of countries around the world, namely Iraq, Moldova, Mongolia, Georgia, Ukraine, Cambodia and others. To run its operation, Caritas Czech Republic is supported by funds from different donors which give it high obligation to take accountability and openness as one of the main priorities.

Caritas Czech Republic announces tender for providing (Medications and Medical and Laboratory supplies) to the PHLC(Primary Healthcare Centre) in Kabarto 1 camp, Dohuk Governorate as per attached list of BOQs. CCR aims to sign a framework agreement with the winning supplier based on the unit price of each item. CCR will make monthly request of items based on the PHC’s needs.

Terms of Reference:

  • The supplier should commit to deliver the items in monthly basis according to the quantities requested by CCR.
  • The items fall under three categories: Medications + medical consumables + laboratory requirements.
  • The supplier is responsible for the delivery of all items at the PHC location in Kabarto 1 camp, Sumel District’ Dohuk Governorate.
  • The supplier is responsible on the safety of the materials during transportation until they are received at the PHC.
  • The supplier should provide (authorization to use all items from the Ministry of Health in Baghdad and the Directorate of Health in Dohuk).
  • Supplier should include only unit prices of each item that will be fixed along the duration of the framework agreement with CCR.
  • The duration of the framework agreement is 6 months.

Note: Winner Supplier should show Flexibility during the Contract for the following points.

  • Request to change one or more items base on the needs and despensing.
  • To provide Requested amount of items wich applied by PHLC staff through monthlty list (to reduce or increase or add one or more items).

Please download the attached file for more details.

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