11 Feb 2019

ACF - Drainage Network Repair and/or Rehabilitation in Mosul


”Drainage network repair and/or rehabilitation” (Mosul), FD-114-00036

Action Against Hunger is a non-governmental, non-political, non-denominational and non-profit organization, established in France in 1979. Action Against Hunger’s vocation is to save lives by combating hunger, diseases, and other crises threatening the lives of helpless men, women and children. Action Against Hunger opened a mission in Iraq in July 2014 for emergency and post-emergency program to support the victims of the armed conflict that affected Iraq. 

  1. Description. Action Against Hunger Iraq is inviting competent and interested suppliers who are interested in being included in a pool of pre-identified contractors.
    This will help Action Against Hunger to be aware of the contractos’ capacities, skills and specializations, and it enables Action Against Hunger to short list suppliers who will be contacted and considered for future project:

    Drainage network repair and/or rehabilitation in Mosul

    Please find detail information in attached Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (ref. “PQQ_FD-114-00036”).

  2. Deadline for submission. All PQQs must be submitted before20/02/2019 (20th of February, 2019) at 17:00 (Iraq time)at the address mentioned in PQQ in a sealed envelope or by E-mail (only if it is an official company mail account) at . Late Bids will be automatically rejected.

    NOTE: Please put this in subject line when sending your bid through email - “FD-114-00036”

  3. Clarification of Bid. Any request for clarification must be received by Action Against Hunger by email at least 4 days before the deadline for submission of PQQs. Action Against Hunger will reply to bidders' questions at least 2 days before the deadline for submission of bids.

  4. Sections of PQQ. Bidders are required to complete, sign and submit the following documents (PQQ):
    1. ToR (signature, stamp and the date on each page);

    2. Pre-Qualification Questionnaire, filled by hand (signature, stamp and the date on each page);

    3. Copy of valid registration certificate;

    4. Company profile.

    5. Experiences and References (signature, stamp and the date on each page).

    6. List of Equipment and Machinery (signature, stamp and the date on each page)

    7. List of technical staff with CV.

    8. Bank statement or audit report for 2018.


- PQQs only form the bidders that have valid commercial registration certificate from Iraq will be considered for evaluation.

  1. Cost. The Bidder shall bear any and all costs related to the preparation and/or submission of the PQQ, regardless of whether its Bid was selected or not. Action Against Hunger shall in no case be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the procurement process.
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