04 Dec 2018

NRC - Supply of Fuel for NRC Hawija Office


Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) invites bids from competent Service Providers in Iraq for the following supplies 

< Supply of Fuel for NRC Hawija Office >

Contract Name: IQ-KRK-2018/FWA-Supply Fuel/001B

The bidders can receive the bidding documents only during office hours from 10:00 am to 15:00 pm. From the NRC office in Kirkuk from  04th December 2018 to 19th December 2018

Norwegian Refugee Council
NRC Office, Shoraw, Kirkuk , Near Arya Mall
NRC Office , 100-meter street Erbil Ekhlas Empire centre, 3rd floor

The bids should be submitted in SEALED envelope clearly marked ‘IQ-KRK-2018/FWA-Supply Fuel/001B

Bids Submission for Supply of Fuel for NRC Hawija Office

All interested bidders should submit their bids by 19th Dec 2018 15:00 hours our offices above.

Only suppliers who meet the set criteria and based on their offers will be contacted for further verification.

Late bids shall be rejected and no liability will be accepted for loss, late delivery or non-delivery, whatsoever.

NRC reserves the right to select/reject any bids, in part or full, as it may deem necessary. No liability or claim in that respect would be admissible or entertained whatsoever

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