03 Mar 2015

Mercy Corps - Announcement of Grants for Sawa Centers for Community Action

After successful competition of the selection process through a Request for Applications (RFA) issued in December, and subsequent negotiation, Mercy Corps is pleased to announce that it will issue subawards to fourteen Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to host and manage a Sawa Center for Community Action.  The RFA was issued in December with 32 eligible applications initially evaluated by the Grants Review Committee (GRC) from which 14 applications were shortlisted and confirmed.

The fourteen CSOs listed below will receive a subaward to implement a Sawa Center for Community Action.

1.    Al Amal Independent League - Maysan
2.    Ameen Association for Relief and Development - Basra
3.    Awan Organization for Awareness and Capability Development - Qadisiyah
4.    Bojeen Organization for Human Development - Dohuk
5.    Civil Al Hiwar (Dialog) Establishment - Babel
6.    Iraqi Firdaws Society - Basra
7.    INSAN Iraqi Society for Relief and Development - Kirkuk
8.    Kurdistan Economic Development Organization - Sulaymaniyah
9.    Al Noor Universal Foundation - Diyala
10.    Peace Generations Network - Erbil
11.    Press and Media Care Center - Najaf
12.    Sawa Organization for Human Rights - Muthanna
13.    South Youth Organization – Dhi Qar
14.    Women Leadership Institute - Baghdad

Applications for this RFA not included in the list above have not been selected and will receive communication shortly about the reasons they were not selected. We thank you for your continued interest in the BPCS/Musharaka Program.
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