26 Feb 2015

JEN - The Insufficient Capacity of Schools

Most of the refugees children in Iraq don’t have schools in 2014 because of the schools far away from the camps, other reason the schools in the cities centers cannot assimilate the large numbers of refugees students . more than the half of Iraqi refugees in the camps of Kurdistan cities, In Al sulaimaniya the Kurdistan government prepare 66 caravans using it as a schools for the refugees students and 46 schools (caravans) in Erbil and till now don’t prepare the requirements like desks, blackboards, books,copybooks and teachers .

These caravans don’t assimilate 15% from the refugees students in Kurdistan , we ask all of the human organization and the Iraqi government to prepare the enough schools for them , they loss two scholastic years and we don’t know how many other years will be loss .

In Karbala the DOE manager request from the government 200 caravans for the classrooms of the refugees students and 20 caravans for the latrines ,till now only 15 schools (caravans) were prepared at the suburbs of Karbala and prepared 450 carvans for Diyala & Al Najaf , The Iraqi government provided 500 caravans for Baghdad suburbs as 80 caravans for each DE .

There are a large decreasing in the school building for the refugees students, all the world must be cooperate to save the children …..without schools the children will have the admissibility .

2.1 million from the refugees have a very hard conditions in the hardiness of the cold weather , more than 100 children and babies dead in this winter.
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