18 Jan 2015

International Federation of Red Cross Societies - Iraq: Population Movement - Revised Emergency Appeal

This Appeal replaces the former Iraq Population Movement appeal (n° MDRIQ006) initially launched in July 2014 and the Iraq element of the Regional Appeal for Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq Population Movement (no MDR81003), and seeks a total of CHF 19m to support the Iraq Red Crescent’s capacity to respond to the needs of IDPs and Syrian refugees affected by the Iraq and Syria crises respectively, with a focus on the delivery of food and basic non-food items, hygiene kits, winterization assistance, and disaster preparedness and disaster management capacity building.

Appeal n° MDRIQ006 has been closed. With the remaining funds of some CHF 1.6m (based on a provisional statement of accounts) to be transferred to Appeal n° MDRIQ007 based on donor’s confirmation, the net request is some CHF 17.5m. This planned response reflects the current situation and information available at this point of the evolving operation, and will be adjusted based on further developments and ongoing assessments.

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