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04 Sep 2014

Human Relief Foundation - Far Away from End!

  • Thursday, 04 September 2014
As the humanitarian crisis continues to extend it's roots into the Iraqi soil, with economical, social and political manifestations, the unnoticed vulnerable IDPs families continue to raise their voices claiming the right to go home where their houses, schools and workplaces.   

Our emergency food parcels distribution activities in Baghdad, Erbil, Samara, Hadeetha and khanaqin aimed to alleviate the burden on the IDPs families settled in these cities with no access to Public Distribution System (PDS) either due to war-related technical difficulties that prevented the staff of Iraqi MoT from reaching them or due to their lack of knowledge on how to access PDS as IDPs. We had delivered more than 7000 food parcels till now but we are facing a protracted need.

We are facing a far-away-from-end crisis so your support to our emergency appeal for Iraq is urgently needed. 
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