30 Jun 2014

Un Ponte Per - Iraq Emergency Appeal

The situation in Qaraqosh and Karemlesh (Ninewa Region, Hamdanya – Mosul), where religious minorities are located, is going worse. More IDPs are coming during the very last hours due to worsening of the situation in Mosul. Electricity supply from Mosul is now stopped. Food supplies in the fridges are going wasted. Fuel supplies is also very limited. Adding to this, the water flow which was usually coming from Mosul has also being stopped.


In Qaraqosh local inhabitants and IDPs from Mosul (which now together reach the total number of 59.000 people) were given in the last few hours some bottles of water through voluntary channels and UN agencies. The same happened in Karemlesh, where the total number of people is 1.500. But this is not enough.Ten wells of drinkable and clean water are in place, but the two communities have run out of gasoil to pump out the water. The inhabitants themselves have been struggling in the last days trough self taxation in order to ensure distribution of water, but now they are running out of resources and three wells are stopped already.


Official requests have been sent to Institutional Donors, but the response needs to be faster. 60.000 people are without water and, with present weather conditions, the situation gets critical in terms of health and very survival.In order to ensure water distribution to 60.500 people for 15 days and provide some emergency help, we need:
  • 10 tank trucks for drinkable water and clean water running for 15 days: 6.750,00 USD 
  • 5.000 gasoil liters in order to run the wells engines: 4.200,00 USD
  • 300 hygien kits for displaced families: 20.000,00 USD
Total needed to give water and help for 15 days to 60.500 people is 30.950,00 USD.
Please donate using the link below: 
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