26 Mar 2020

NRC - Job Opportunities Through Job Placement for Youth | Extended

Deadline has been extended from 25-3-2020 to 10th of April, 2020.

Enhancing Conditions for Durable Solutions for Displacement Affected Communities (DACs) in KRI, Iraq

The project will aim to increase job opportunities through job placement for youth:

  • Job opportunities for motivated youth and job seekers.
  • Providing youth and job seekers with the opportunity to enhance their skills to match requirements of the labour demands
  • Match trained and motivated youth with companies

Eligibility criteria for individual selection,

  • Beneficiary / applicant must be between 17-29 years.
  • Beneficiary / applicant must be host community, IDP or refugee.
  • Beneficiary / applicant has the capacity to meet employment requisites.
  • Able to work and willing to learn and attend a training.
  • People with specific needs that are willing to learn and work are encouraged to apply.
  • Has no sustainable income source (unemployed, under-employed).

Eligible person can apply through the link below:


Deadline for applications: 25-3-2020 10-4-2020

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental humanitarian organization that assistance to displaced persons, refugees and communities affected by displacement through their work in designated areas. Under its livelihoods component, NRC has planned to support affected communities’ income-earning opportunities through job placement for youth.

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