29 Mar 2016

Oxfam - Pre-Crisis Market Analysis Ninewa

In February 2016, Oxfam and IRC co-facilitated a Pre-Crisis Market Analysis (PCMA) to inform preparedness and emergency response interventions by understanding market systems that are critical to supporting the basic needs and livelihoods recovery of populations affected by displacement in the Ninewa plains. PCMA is an approach to conducting market assessments prior to emergencies in order to anticipate how markets will respond after a shock occurs. It allows humanitarian agencies to map the functionality of current market systems and assess their capacity to cover the needs of affected people in an emergency. This is key to feeding into preparedness and contingency plans by informing the design of appropriate emergency response interventions, as well as to recommending mitigation measures to be implemented before the shock occurs. This report details the findings of the PCMA in northern Iraq and aims to guide preparedness and response in the Mosul contingency efforts.

Please find the full report attached below.

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