28 Jul 2015

UPP - ACF - NCA - Save The Last Drop a Campaign to Raise Awareness on the Importance of Water in Dohuk Governorate

Water is a source of life”, how many times we have heard this sentence? While drinking, while washing our clothes, cleaning our houses. Now, during summer time, with the big heat under which people are living, this sentence is much more important. Especially for the ones living in difficult conditions, forced to leave their houses and to find refugees in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

This is why ACF, UPP and NCA, three international NGOs working to support the displaced people in the region, are launching a campaign on water conservation. Starting from the 26th of July, orientation workers and hygiene promoters of those NGOs will work to raise awareness in camps and non-camps areas. Suggesting how to better save water, how to not waste, how to better conserve. But also, and overall, to understand and know better the information about water situation, which is different according to the different locations.

Leaflets and posters will be distributed at this aim, designed and structured according also to suggestions and inputs from the affected community.
In addition to them, a big part of the campaign is dedicated to the involvement of the community itself.

While receiving the awareness, people in the camps and in the urban area will be asked to create their own materials on the importance of water. ACF, UPP and NCA will provide colors, paint brushes, papers available for the people to use their creativeness, fantasy and put in practice their skills.

The people themselves will be part of the campaign. Because water is a source of life, and the primary responsibility to save it is yours.
The following are the launch events of the campaign, possible also in collaboration with UNHCR and the BRHA. For whoever interested, a focal person can be contacted.

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