07 Jun 2015

Mercy Corps - Mercy Corps BPCS Program Wants to Hear from You

Mercy Corps’ Broadening Participation through Civil Society/مشاركة program has opened a feedback email account () to hear from and respond to community questions or concerns about the program. The BPCS program aims to be transparent and is always looking to improve, and be better partners to the communities in which we work. Inquiries could be about selection processes for procurement or RFAs, feedback on personnel, partner or program activity performance, or concerns about program decisions in general. Feedback is welcome in Arabic, Kurdish or English and will be translated and responded to in the appropriate language.  

Please note that the feedback email account is not for requests for funding or for employment opportunities or assistance outside of BPCS’ program activities. Mercy Corps posts employment and funding opportunities to NCCI as available. Partner CSOs should follow their standard reporting procedures for any concerns, though should feel free to reach out to Mercy Corps if they feel their concerns cannot be addressed internally.

Please distribute the included flyer and encourage anyone with concerns to reach out to us by email at .

Please find attached below the flyers in English, Arabic and Kurdish.
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