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28 Apr 2015

Mercy Corps - Awarded Grants to Local Civil Society Organizations

After successful competition of the selection process through a Request for Applications (RFA) issued in January, Mercy Corps is pleased to announce that it has issued subawards to nine Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to support community and civil society partnerships to provide humanitarian assistance to conflict affected communities or activities aimed at maintaining, strengthening and rebuilding Iraq’s social fabric in response to the current crisis.

The RFA was issued in January and received 111 applications. Following screening, 65 were considered eligible applications, and these were evaluated and scored by the Grants Review Committee (GRC). The GRC consisted of one representative each from Mercy Corps, Mercy Hands, Public Aid Organization, and ICNL, as well as a humanitarian technical specialist. Based on scores and discussion, 9 applications were selected. The nine CSOs listed below are receiving a subaward to implement humanitarian programs.

1. Al Shams Organization for Special Needs- Kirkuk
2. City of Brotherhood and Peace Organization- Kirkuk
3. Al Ethar Humanitarian Foundation- Baghdad
4. Humanity League for Youth Care- Qadisiya
5. Iraq Foundation for Cultural Liaison- Muthanna
6. Iraqi Firdaws Society - Basra
7. Justice Center to Support Marginalized Groups in Iraq- Salah ad Din
8. Model Iraqi Women’s Organization- Baghdad
9. Peace Generation Network- Erbil

Applications for this RFA not included in the list above have not been selected and will receive communication shortly about the reasons they were not selected. Common reasons for not being approved include: (a) ineligible or incomplete applications, (b) unclear or unspecific applications that did not connect proposed program activities to objectives, (c) insufficient knowledge of the situation or appropriate response, or (d) did not respond to a humanitarian need (i.e. unresponsive to the RFA requirements).

Mercy Corps’ BPCS program plans to host a proposal writing workshop open to any civil society organization interested in developing their skills for any future RFAs, and will announce details on this in the upcoming months. We thank you for your continued interest in the BPCS/ مشاركة Program.

If you have questions or concerns about our grant selection process, please contact us at .
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