15 Apr 2015

IRC - Aid Must Be Directed According to Vulnerability, Not Status or Geography

Conflict in Iraq has led to successive waves of mass displacement and humanitarian crisis. Iraq now has one of the highest populations of internally displaced people (IDPs) in the world, with 2.5 million people having been displaced since January 2014, and over 1 million still displaced from the 2006 – 2008 period of sectarian conflict, out of an overall population of approximately 34 million. Iraq also currently hosts over 250,000 refugees, predominantly from Syria.

Many of the problems that affect humanitarian operations worldwide concerning the ability to assist people according to their vulnerability are particularly starkly demonstrated in Iraq, where refugees, IDPs and poor host community members often live in very close proximity, even as neighbors, but receive different levels of assistance. Further, in Iraq there are marked differences in the levels of assistance received according to which governorate the beneficiary resides in.

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