16 Mar 2015

OXFAM - Time for Women to Lead Campaign

For decades, Arab women have been fighting for their political, social and economic rights. In the Arab uprisings women were on the frontline demanding change. However, they remain excluded to significant degrees from formal political and public spaces and the Middle East and North Africa still rank the lowest in the world for women’s political participation. Many barriers still exist. The lack of public support for women’s political participation, and limited funding especially at the local level, threatens to perpetuate women’s exclusion and increase inequalities.

All women including the poor and underprivileged are able to and have the right to lead. They have a breadth of experience and knowledge which, when tapped into and acknowledged, enables them to transform their societies. Many examples in the region have proven that.

That is why the Oxfam AMAL program is launching a campaign in the Middle East and North Africa in March 2015 to increase women’s political and civic participation and to recognize all forms of women’s leadership especially by poor and underprivileged women. We aim to pressure national governments and donors to provide space and funds for women’s participation at all levels including the local grassroots level. We need your support.

Together we must call on authorities to:

- Drop prejudices against women, support their right to be leaders and participate in decisions at all levels

- Demand authorities to eliminate discrimination in policies and laws and provide spaces for women to participate.

- Demand authorities increase funding to support women’s participation especially at the local level, which is inclusive of poor and marginalized women.

Please find the call for action here https://act.oxfam.org/international/time-for-women-to-lead .
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