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13 May 2014

KURDS - KURDS Project Updates

Tuesday, 13 May 2014
The Kurdistan Reconstruction and Development Society (KURDS) has been working on numerous projects to provide assistance to Syrian refugees in Dohuk, Erbil, and Slemani. In Erbil KURDS is finalizing work on UN offices in Kawergosk and Qushtapa. In Slemani KURDS is completing work on Arbat Refugee Camp where more than 2000 families will be able to reside once work is complete. In addition, KURDS hopes to soon begin an adult literacy program for residents of both Kawergosk and Darashkran refugee camps. KURDS has been active in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq since 1991. KURDS activities have included the reconstruction of more than 30 villages and more than 1500 projects in the Kurdistan Region including Ninewah and Kirkuk Governorates. Established to…
13 May 2014

TDH - C4D Project

Tuesday, 13 May 2014
Terre des Hommes Italy is active in Basirma Camp implementing a project funded by Unicef and in partnership with Al Mesalla, on Child Protection and Communication for Development (C4D). Staff has been trained on Child Protection, Psychosocial Support activities and on Methods to plan and deliver awareness campaigns during the month of April and beginning of May. The first recreational activities already started and they are conducted by a team of social workers, educators and volunteers involving minors from 4 to 15 in one tent, while a more comprehensive CFS will be established in the next period. In the month of April a Polio Awareness Campaign has been realized with a tent to tent approach and through awareness sessions for…
12 May 2014
DRC Humanitarian Intervention DRC is implementing key services in the sectors of WASH, Shelter, Protection, distribution of Core Relief Items (CRI/NFI), Camp Coordination and Camp Management, and Livelihoods. In the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), DRC is supporting the Syrian Emergency Response; targeting refugees in camp and non-camp communities, as well as a selected case load of extremely vulnerable beneficiaries from the host communities. In the other parts of Iraq, particularly in Baghdad, DRC is assisting Internally Displaced People (IDPs); targeting female headed households, the chronically ill and households with majority children less than ten years. New developments: In Kurdistan Region of Iraq Livelihoods DRC conducted Business Development Training (BDT) for 85 beneficiaries (36 in Dohuk and 49 in Basirma…
The Charitable Society for Women and Orphans conducted its own awareness programme for the 2014 parliamentary elections. Considering the situation in Anbar, the programme encourages citizens to vote and choose the best candidate to be representing their governorate in the parliament council. They were successful in spreading election awareness among the public through radio braodcasts, SMS and interviews with locals.
It's an extraordinarily tragic story: twins Dana and Zana Anim both lost limbs in a landmine accident in northern Iraq; then their two brothers died in separate mine incidents. Dana and Zana's lives changed in 2003, near their home in Khdir Bulakh [marked on the map below]. "We were both on a donkey looking after the sheep," Dana explains. "We didn’t know the area was dangerous – we had only recently returned to our village [after the 2003 Iraq War]. There was a huge explosion, then dust and blood. "We were then both very thirsty. We were there on the ground, bleeding and in terrible pain, for half an hour until my father came, put us on a truck and…
08 May 2014
The Iraq Foundation (IF) is excited to share our successes and accomplishments covering activities from January - March 2014. We are pleased to announce that Ms. Selwa Gailani became Executive Director of the Iraq Foundation on March 10. We also are continuing our support for the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq in their American debut! Please consider supporting the "world's bravest orchestra." Due in part to the efforts of our PEACE National Coalition and Task Force, the Iraqi government declared on February 6 that they will launch a National Action Plan to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1325. This resolution which reaffirms the role of women in prevention and resolution of conflicts and sustainable peace-building. Iraq is now the first…