This past week, our team in Iraq distributed 5,000 hygiene kits to vulnerable displaced families in the Khanaqin region of Iraq. Since early June, conflict in Iraq has caused hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to flee their homes in search of safety. The sudden, large displacement of people has overwhelmed more stable regions. Official displacement camps are few and far between, so many families are taking shelter wherever they can: in schools, abandoned buildings, and tents.ennan, her husband, and her two young sons Ahmed and Mohammed received a hygiene kit in Aliawa camp. They were forced to flee their home in Jalula over two weeks ago. They left early in the morning, with no money for a taxi, in hopes…
16 Jul 2014
We cannot think of a better place to watch the FIFA World Cup Final than at Khazir Camp for IDPs. RISE Foundation set up a projector and screen and the Barzani Foundation kindly lent us a generator. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped.
15 Jul 2014
Al-Erada Organisation for Relief and Development (E.O.R.D) has issued a comprehensive report about the Diyala Province. This report covers many important aspects of the province's economic, political and security situation. It also disscusses Diyala's humanitarian needs, on an individual and community level. Moreover, the report gives information on significant issues in the fields of eduaction, water sanitation and public services. The full report, currently only available in Arabic, is attached below.
"For the past 5 weeks Rise Foundation has been working hard up in Akre redeveloping recreational and park spaces out side of the refuge camp there! With Quick Impact Project (QIP) funding from the UNHCR and the Kuwaiti Government, and through collaboration with Harikar NGO, Rise is creating enjoyable leisure space for everyone in the community."
On July 8th, RISE Foundation provided hot dinners to 1200 IDPs from Tel Afar. In a Facebook statement they said: "Ever been to a felafel shop and asked for 200 felafel sandwiches (but actually wanted to ask for 1000?) A normal day only by the RISE foundation's standards saw us do just this to provide hot dinners and water at very short notice to 1200 IDPs (internally displaced people) fleeing violence near their homes in Tal Afar (about 40km west of Mosul)."
The Kurdistan Reconstruction and Development Society (KURDS) continues to respond to the arrival of more than 300,000 IDPs in the KRI. With the support of UNHCR, KURDS activities have included the erection of 580 tents in Khazir transit camp and more than 350 tents in Garmawa Camp. KURDS has also constructed a shaded area in Khazir and KURDS staff have been actively involved in evaluation of the site for a potential permanent camp in the same area.