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This update highlights the Danish Refugee Council’s humanitarian intervention, to assist the displacement-affected population in Iraq. This update covers activities conducted from DRC’s operational hubs in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region for the period 24 – 30 August, 2014.Activities completed for the reporting period in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq:IDPs located at Wargeh Dalal in Zakho, Nothern Iraq, who were in dire need of shelter, received 300 tents from DRC. The tents, donated by DFID, have been installed with the help of DRC’s Emergency staff and are currently being used by IDP families. A distribution of food and water was done simultaneously with the tents. The IDPs also received 1,000 food parcels, sufficient to last a family of five for…
03 Sep 2014
Harikar NGO in coordination with PWJ started distributing Food items Among IDPs From Mosul and Singhal in Kalak_Bardarash.
02 Sep 2014
Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid collaboration with the World Food (WFP) distributes food to displaced families within the World Food Program On the first day and from the distribution warehouse in the center of Karbalah 250 beneficiaries receive their basket for August., We hope that we have provided, even something as simple needs of these displaced families .
01 Sep 2014
PROTECTION ASSISTANCE AND REINTEGRATION CENTER (PARC) IN CAMP & NON-CAMP AREAS/ UNHCR PROGRAM PARC team did 3 field visits in (Zakho/Batifa and Bedar 3) and (Duhok/Etit) for 18 families/76 individuals to assess the needs of the SAS and identify vulnerable individuals. PARC team referred 4 cases of SAS to different concerned NGOs and hospitals that Harikar has coordination with, to be provided with assistance and services. Providing SAS from camp and non-camp areas with legal assistance by PARC lawyers; (4) received cases, (3) resolved case and (4) legal advice cases. QIPs team site visited to Barokh School, Thalassemia Center and Rheumatic Diseases Center to monitor the interventions and check the quality of materials provided by the company such as classroom…
Since conflict spread to the city of Mosul on 10 June 2014, fighting across parts of northern and central Iraq has caused an estimated 650,000 people to flee their homes. This latest wave of displacement takes place in a country with one of the highest numbers of internally displaced people (IDP) in the world.1 The humanitarian response, coordinated by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), has been mobilised to deliver emergency assistance to those affected by the conflict, with relief aid provided by international and national non-governmental agencies and the government now reaching an estimated 1 million people across Iraq.2 The rapidly developing situation has left humanitarian organisations with little reliable information about the number…
Yesterday we distributed food and hygiene kits to seventy five families in Ankawa.