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Four-year-old Sindis and her family were violently uprooted from their home in Iraq in August and sought refuge in a displaced persons’ camp in Iraqi Kurdistan. Life in the camp has been difficult for the whole family, but especially for Sindis, who is paralyzed from the waist down due to spina bifida. “What Sindis enjoys the most is being surrounded by children and playing with them,” said Friad, her mother. However, with no wheelchair, Sindis rarely left the confines of her family’s small tent and was isolated from the community. A few weeks ago, a Handicap International mobile rehabilitation team found the family, and took measure of their acute needs. Not long after, they returned with a brand new, custom-fit…
The Charitable Society for the care of widows and orphans has Distributed 1000 of meat share for IDP people in ramadi city Through the campaign launched by the Assembly to help people displaced by the war and the ongoing battles now in Anbar
05 Nov 2014

Qandil - Activites For IDP In Zahko

Wednesday, 05 November 2014
Together with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), QANDIL Swedish Humanitarian Aid Organization delivered 607 winterization kits to the IDPs living in Zahko municipality, Duhok governorate. QANDIL hardly works to further elaborate efforts in order to ease the life of more IPDs and refugees during the fast approaching of winter season. However, our efforts need to be assisted, too. We look forward to receiving additional support in achieving our humanitarian obligation.
This week Mission East will complete distribution of Winterized NFI kits to 450 families in the Western part of Zakho in partnership with Medair. Mission East and Medair are working together to serve approximately 1450 families total in Zone 27 and 7 in Zakho. The focus is to address the needs of people who are living in the most critical conditions, primarily those that are living in unfinished buildings and abandoned warehouses. Since many people fled with only the clothes on their back, the Winterized kits are meant to provide some basic necessities including mattresses, pillows, a small hygiene kit, and a jerry can. Extra thick blankets are provided to help with the increasingly cold nights as well as a…
03 Nov 2014
PROTECTION ASSISTANCE AND REINTEGRATION CENTER (PARC) IN CAMP & NON-CAMP AREAS/ UNHCR PROGRAM• PARC Protection and Community service teams monitored the newly arrived refugees from Kobane in Ibrahim Khalil throughout the week to monitor and to assess their needs.• PARC conducted one field visit for SAS in Sumel (9 families) to identify their needs and deficiencies.• CSA referred 7 cases 5 to Azadi Hospital and 2 to registration center.• CSA team did one field visit for SAS in Sumel (9 families) to identify their needs and deficiencies.• Providing SAS from camp and non-camp areas with legal assistance by PARC lawyers; (6) received cases, (3) resolved case and (3) legal advice cases.• The total clients/cases received by HAIKAR-WLC/Domiz and Gawilan camps…
02 Nov 2014

Caritas - Help for Iraqi Minorities

Sunday, 02 November 2014
They went at full speed. They could not do otherwise. In a few minutes they had to flee the villages and towns where their ancestors had lived for thousands of years. More than 1.2 million people have fled their homes in Iraq since the 2014 armed uprising of Sunni Muslim extremists self-proclaimed "Islamic State", which have successively occupied Mosul, Sinjar, Anbar and Nineveh valleys. Many of those who fled belong to religious minorities such as Christians, Yazidis and Shiites who have been targeted by extremists. All they could take with them was confiscated at checkpoints. When they arrive to the Iraqi Kurdish sites Erbil and Dohuk, they have nothing. "They are desperate," said Nabil Nissan, Executive Director of Caritas Iraq.…