Under direct supervision of the civilian management cell / of the prime minister office and collaboration with ministry of health and environment/ AL- Anbar health department and with the support from the united nations population fund and in the presence of Dr. Abd Al Sattar Lawas- the manager of Al- Anbar health. (UIMS) had opened Delivery Room (DR) in Al- Qaim general hospital after rehabilitation it to provide medical services to our families.
25 Jan 2018
Harikar NGO is a neutral, non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian organization established in 30th May 2004 by group of social activists. Harikar NGO as stated in its mission statement strives toward the fulfilment of human and women rights in Duhok Governorate as stipulated in the new Iraqi constitution of 15th October 2005. Harikar is committed to- within its resources- contribute towards the achievement of the internationally agreed Millennium Development Goals.  Harikar believes in human rights, the right of every person to reach his potential without discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, social segment and ethnicity. We strive to achieve the social justice especially among the marginalized vulnerable groups. It also works towards elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and promotes their capacity to fully participate in the community development.  In…
Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid is a leading Iraqi NGO, founded in 2004 with a goal to save lives and preserve human dignity. Mercy Hands is headquartered in Baghdad, and has four satellite offices in Babil, Karbala, Salah al-Din and Erbil Governorates. According to our 2015 - 2016 Work Strategy, Mercy Hands is currently active in the following humanitarian sectors: emergency aid, civil society and democratization, peace-building, protection, and health. For more information, please visit the Mercy Hands website: www.mercyhands.net. FULL REPORT CAN BE DOWNLOADED BELOW.
19 Jan 2018
Judy is an independence and non-profit organization, has established in 2012 and working in the field of humanitarian relief and development of refugees and IDPs in KR-I. Judy Organization has implemented education in emergencies centers since 2013.These centers provides learning, recreational activities, inside and outside activities, protection and health services.    Judy is implementing Turaq learning center 2 for refugees and IDPs now. Turaq Learning Center 2 for refugee and IDP children: is a learning and recreational center for Syrian refugee and IDP children in Turaq – Erbil. The center provides no formal education for Primary stage. The center provides learning services, recreational activities, inside and outside activities, psychosocial and health services. 400 students attend the center. The project is for…
18 Jan 2018
Please find attached a very useful socio- economic survey produced by Handicap International, which focuses on the impact of mine/ERW/IED contamination in Hawija district. Given the current situation in Hawija, and following request from partners on the current contamination situation in the area, this recently finalized survey aims to shed some light to this vital issue. The objective of the survey was to collect and analyze primary and secondary data in order to highlight the scope of the mine/ERW/IED problem for IDPs, set mine action priorities and make recommendations for future actions to support a safer return process to Hawija District.
18 Jan 2018
ARTICLE - IRAQ From tents to the delivery room: Giving Syrian refugees in Iraq a safe place to give birth Midwife Abla Ali despaired as she crouched on the floor of the tent. The baby’s shoulder was stuck and the mother had been in labour for hours. Abla had no equipment or extra support, just her bare hands. She summoned all her strength and eventually pulled the small baby into the world. The year was 2013 and Abla had just arrived in Domiz Refugee Camp in northern Iraq. She fled Syria with her family when the fighting started in their city. A neighbour’s house was bombed and collapsed, killing everyone inside. Abla says they were lucky to be alive but…
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