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The Iraqi NGO "AL Ahrar forHuman Rights Organization" conducted a series of dialogue sessions in the governorate of Missan to discuss the rights of religious minorities. The report is attached and available in English and Arabic.
In collaboration with the Japanese Embassy, The Civil Dialogue Forum held a discussion seminar on the rise of Japan after World War II, and the conditions and constraints that faced the Japanese people in order to overcome the disastrous consequences of the war. The full report in Arabic is attached.
13 Aug 2013
The Faculty of Information and Media Studies at Western University is carrying out a survey study to "Understand How Data Analysts Work with Human Rights Violation Data".For more information and to particpate in the survey click on the following link: http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/humanrightsresearch/the-human-rights-research-project-survey/?code=
Italy - August 10, 2013 The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) announces its support and solidarity with the National Campaign to Abolish Monthly Benefits for Former Members of the Council of Representatives, which is being promoted by Iraqi civil society leaders and organizations. The ICSSI supports the Campaign members’ right to protest and their right to peacefully assemble on the 31st of August. Challenging governmental corruption and the misuse of public money is an essential part of building a democratic state and respecting human rights in Iraq, and we call on international activists and organizations to stand with Campaign members’ as they work toward these goals. The National Campaign to Abolish Monthly Benefits for Former Members of the Council…
Fallujah paediatrician Dr Samira Alaani has launched a Change.org petition calling for official data on rates of congenital birth defects in Iraq to be submitted for peer review in the open-access journal PLoS One after repeated publication delays by the World Health Organisation and Iraqi government. Results from the nationwide study, undertaken by the Iraqi Ministry of Health (MoH) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2012, are now long overdue. Iraqi researchers interviewed by the BBC earlier this year claimed it will link increased incidence rates of birth defects with areas subject to heavy fighting in the 2003 war – a hugely significant and politically sensitive conclusion. Dr Alaani is calling for the data to be submitted to the…
Baghdad-1stAug-2013 A national celebration hold on the 3rd anniversary of Oslo treaty to ban use trade stock and manufactory of cluster munitions by patronage of Minster of environment Mr. Sargon Lazar ,attended by deputy Minster ,general director of DMA Mr. Essa Alfyadh ,director of civil defense ,representative of Ministries , director of IMCO ,civil society,group of survivors ,and many media channels - Deputy Minster talked about them efforts to achieve booth Oslo and Ottawa treaties - Mr Zahim Jehad ,,IMCO ,, talked abouth them implementation on detect and remove all UXOs on the fields - Director of IADO ,Mr Moaffak Alkhafaji , present the presentation of CMC on this event shown the size of UXOs effect on civilian and children…