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The Kurdistan Barbing Saloon, located in the heart of Erbil has two employees: one of them is Imad Abdulkarim Ahmed, who loathes the reality that his barbing shop and home in Adhra, Syria were destroyed in the country’s ongoing conflict. One year ago Imad, his five siblings and parents, fled the crisis in Syria to Erbil. “Now I am the bread winner of my family. When we first arrived, I had to do odd jobs – it was difficult because I do not have technical skills for lots of the jobs that are out there. Back home I did barbing for my living and this is what I know best. Thanks to the opportunity I found through DRC to be…
Asaad Noura Ali is a Syrian business woman, now living as a refugee in Duhok, Iraq. She was among 102 people in Duhok Governorate who received small business training and grants from DRC. The initial amount of $1,200 USD was given in 2013 and another $500 USD for scale up in early 2014. From the initial grant, Asaad went ahead and made part-payment on a Provision Shop that was owned by a Kurdish neighbor, who felt the business was not prospering and was deciding to close it down. Asaad Noura Ali “Out of the total assistance of USD 1,700 that I received from DRC, I used USD 1,000 to pay on the business and took it over. Along with the…
Following different coordination efforts between UIMS, the Islamic Development Bank and the Ministry of Displacement and Migration (MoDM), the Islamic Development Bank agreed to donate an amount of $ 200,000 in the form of medical and food aid. This will be distributed to IDPs in Anbar by the MoDM.
EOAD is establishing a free legal clinic in Diyala province. This clinic is dedicated for vunerable and oppressed women according to the 'Personal Status Act.' In addition, it will be proving free legal consultations services. Contact us: 07721817363 074816202333 Or visit us at: Khresan St. near the Economy bank/Ba'qouba/Iraq
14 May 2014
Our Kick-Off event for the Choman-Rawanduz River Expedition on 9-10 May was a great success. Attached are some pictures of the event. The team is now heading downriver and will have another outreach event in the Rawanduz Gorge on Friday, 16 May. Look for us along the river.
13 May 2014
PROTECTION ASSISTANCE AND REHABILIATION CENTER (PARC) IN CAMP & NON-CAMP AREAS/ UNHCR PROGRAM PARC team did 4 filed visits in Duhok/ Grebase, Hussainya, Sarsing and Amedya-Kniya Mala for 99 SAS, Turkish refugees and IDP families and their needs were identified. PARC referred 15 different cases of SAS and old refugees to different institutions that Harikar has coordination with for providing them with assistance and services. Legal assistance has been provided for 5 cases of camp and non-camp Syrian Asylum Seekers and Turkish refugees. PARC team in Domiz Camp reported 29 cases related to registration and followed up them with registration center. PARC/ Gawelan team did protection interviews with 16 SAS families in Akre Camp. PARC team followed up the medical…