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This new report monitoring human rights (specialized in the situations of consumers in Iraq and KRG in 2012-2013) is result of work performed by Al-Messala, Peoples Development Association (PDA) and the Civil Develompent Association (CDO). The report is available in Arabic, English and Kurdish...
Through its project (Women for legislation fair), the Iraqi Institute started a process for legal reform that is open to parliamentarians, ministries, designated state entities and non-governmental organizations, and members of provincial councils, in order to promote and facilitate the enactment of a stronger and more effective legislations to protect and strengthen the rights of women in the Constitution and within the framework of international human rights standards. The report/press release is available in Arabic...
14 Apr 2013
The Inma' Center for Researches and Studies released a report on 3 April 2013 titled "Assessing the Political, Social and Cultural Conditions and the Course of Civil Society in the Babil Governorate." The report is availabe in Arabic using the link below.  
The Mandaean Human Rights Group released a report on the situation of the Mandaean community in Iraq and Syria (report attached below).
The study titled "Conditions and Rights of IDPs and Returnees in Four Governorates of Iraq" was produced by Al MADARIK Foundation in partnership with NRC and UNHCR. The main objective from this study was to examine the level of awareness and access to rights for IDPs and returnees, and government response to the needs of these groups in the four provinces of Baghdad, Ninewa, Diyala and Anbar. Report attached below in English - Arabic
IKV Pax Christi Publishes "In a State of Uncertainty: Impact and Implications of the Use of Depleted Uranium in Iraq"   A decade on and depleted uranium contamination stills blights Iraq . To mark the 10th anniversary of the 2003 invasion, a new report has highlighted continuing uncertainties over the impact and legacy of the use of 400 tonnes of depleted uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq. The report reveals the extent of DU’s use in civilian areas for the first time. In a State of Uncertainty published by Dutch peace organisation IKV Pax Christi, has sought to do what the US has so far refused to do – reveal how widely the weapons were used in Iraq, and in what…
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