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When they started preparations, local organizers of the Iraqi Social forum (ISF) were hoping to gather more than five thousand activists, between Iraqis and internationals (read the call for internationals) in the center of Baghdad. Their vision was to bring back, through this event, the image of civic peace and activism in a city that once upon a time was known as Dar Alsalam (City of Peace )(read ISF charter). Many challenges have faced this group of activists. It has been very complicate to get official approval for an independent event such as the Iraqi social forum in the midst of political conflicts. It is even more complicated to organize it while the country is facing a new wave of…
The IKMMA newsletter is attached below and available in English.
SYO (South Youth Organization), a National NGO that operates in Iraq, recently issued a report higlighting it main activities in Iraq (attached). 
Press release and details available in English and Arabic
The Negotiations and Strategic Studies NGO, which is an Iraqi NGO based in Erbil, had a preparatory meeting for the launch of its new project “Supporting the Rule of Law in Child Labor Cases in Iraq”. This meeting was attended by Iraqi NGOs working in 7 governorates. The project’s next steps will include surveys in six governorates and 12 workshops analyzing the results from these surveys.
The Institute for International Law and Human Rights (IILHR) most recent report "Iraq’s Minorities and Other Vulnerable Groups: Legal Framework, Documentation and Human Rights". This report provides a comprehensive look at the de jure and de facto situation of 16 Iraqi minority components and other vulnerable populations to support the assessment of asylum claims within countries to which Iraqi refugees apply for protection, and to complement other resources documenting the situation of Iraq’s vulnerable populations. You can download the document in Arabic or English at www.iilhr.org.