31 Oct 2014

PAX Christi - Women Against Violence

In Iraq, peace organisation PAX gives special attention to women in its effort to increase community security. We work with local partners on several projects. Our objective is to enable women to help organise their own and others' safety.

In Iraq's conservative society, women are not accustomed to playing a role in public life. This applies particularly to 'male' affairs like violence and conflict. PAX is doing its utmost to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325) for the population of several Iraqi cities that are among the most dangerous on the planet. We work with local women's organisations that operate in a complex environment and that seek contact with government, political and religious leaders and the police.

Our women-against-violence project offers women tools that enable them to decide about matters that affect their lives and those of their families daily. We use several strategies for this: we offer women grass-roots support, encourage their promotion in the police force, raise police, government and religious leaders' awareness of women's affairs and gender, and organise public campaigns and lobbying.
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