21 Jul 2014

INTERSOS - On the flight from Mosul to Najaf, the field of Bahrka

45 degrees, a shed and a few tents that can accommodate 3,000 Iraqi families, and massed in poor condition. 

This is the field of Bahrka, a few miles from Erbil, the capital of the autonomous region of Kurdistan, which has become the site of passage of Iraqis fleeing dall'ISIL conquered cities in the governorate of Nineveh, who expect to be able to grab a seat at one organized by the Government of air travel to the region of Najaf, south of the country: the families, I think all of Shi'ite, Sunni militants fleeing from Işil to seek shelter in Iraq's Shi'ite holy sites in the country, as Kerbala and Najaf. 

Their path is not so simple: before reaching the south of the country to cross the Iraqi Kurdistan and it often happens that many of them are no longer able to leave, mainly due to lack of economic resources, or they decide to remain there waiting to fall in their city once termnato conflict and improved safety conditions. 

Bahrka is an old warehouse that the Kurdish government had used as a reception center of Syrian refugees during the massive influx of August 2013. Now the site is home to the families of displaced Iraqis who remain from 3 to 20 days or so . 

It 's very hot this time of year and families prefer to take shelter under the shed of concrete rather than in tents installed a few days ago, where temperatures reach intolerable levels. Each family is confined to a small space on the ground divided from the others by low railings, there is no effective separation between a family and the other; the living space available to each person is minimal, and even if the shed is open, the air is unbreathable. We currently lack toilets or water points to cool off: the hygienic conditions are getting worse in the eye, partly because of the large amount of waste produced each day. 

The international organizations have already implemented: water and food are distributed regularly, but there is still much to do. 

INTERSOS is at the forefront alongside displaced persons, in particular children, who are always the most vulnerable in emergency situations such as that experienced by displaced persons Bahrka. In collaboration with UNICEF, will set up two tents INTERSOS air where children can find shelter from the extreme heat, receiving a refreshing snack and play with the animators. Even if for a few days in the long journey towards recovery of normality, the kids can play carefree and recompose their daily lives.
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