12 Jun 2014

ACTED - Emergency response to Mosul displacement in Kurdistan Region of Iraq

An estimated half a million people have fled Iraq's second biggest city, Mosul, after it was seized early on Tuesday. The city had a population of almost two million before the mass exodus of its inhabitants.

Of those displaced, 300,000 have fled to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). In response, ACTED is distributing non-food items in Khabat to those who are crossing over from Iraq to KRI, with the support of UNHCR and in co-ordination with other humanitarian organizations. Their aid efforts rely on up-to-date information from REACH, who have been tracking and mapping the displacement and needs of Iraqis from Mosul.

According to figures from authorities, 100,000 people have crossed to Erbil using 16,000 cars and 200,000 have fled to Dohuk according to UNHCR estimates.

ACTED is already positioned in the Kurdish Region of Iraq, providing relief and support services to tens of thousands of Syrian refugees. Our teams have been deployed to respond to the most urgent needs of those who have fled the violence. Our teams are currently in Khabat where a transit cap has been set up by UNHCR. One other transit camp is located in Erbil and another 3 are planned in Dohuk, as IDPs are waiting to enter KRI.

ACTED is also considering other immediate needs coverage such as shelter and food, while working on a response with humanitarian actors on the ground and REACH.

Since yesterday,  ACTED has been on the front line all day, mobilizing an emergency distribution team at the checkpoint of Khabat (between Erbil and Mosul), to distribute basic NFIs to people crossing to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

As of June 12th, 738 jerry cans, 374 hygiene kits and 400 mats had been distributed by ACTED teams.
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