10 Jun 2014

Harikar - International Children's Day 1st, June 2014

Harikar did not forget its role in bringing joy and happiness to the Syrian refugee children who suffer from the devastating life circumstances and made them feel home and safe in their day. This joy came ahead for the refugee children and parents through reviving the International Children's Day in each Domiz, Akre camps and in urban area. The organizing team gathered children and gave chance to many of them to participate in the activities.

In Domiz Camp, Harikar's WLC organized some entertaining activities with ACTED Organization and Kulilk Center, for the refugee children. These activities were short comedy and educational plays that intended to give joy and awareness to the children. The organizing teams called for 50 disabled children to attend the activities and made them feel that they have the right to celebrate their own day like the rest of the children. The children also learned the least lesson which is how to keep clean and healthy. After the performances went on, WLC team distributed sweets, cakes, juices and toys to all the attended children.

In Akre Camp, Rise Foundation funded by Harikar revived the International Children Day. The organizing team could include 400 refugee children, parents and other community members in the activities. The team showed the episode of Shaun the Sheep using a projector, large screen and speakers. The activities were performed outdoors in the central courtyard while it was dark enough to show the movie. Children were also given the chance to sing with microphones, dance and make short performances. After that, cakes and juices were distributed to the families with children under 10 years old and treats also were given to the children.

Harikar- PARC team also managed to take 50 Syrian refugee children from Duhok/ Shakhke to Dream City and 34 Turkish refugee children from Balqos to Zari Park where they can celebrate the event. The children were allowed to play games and enjoy their time with dance and songs for two hours. As the children went on playing, refreshments were distributed to all of them.

Finally, the event in each Domiz, Akre refugee camps and in urban area ended with a great success. All the participants including the parents, volunteers and the invited agencies; UNHCR, CFS, DMC and Child Protection Unit...etc., enjoyed the performances. They also showed their gratitude and appreciation for having the children included in a day full of fun and joy.

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