28 May 2014

REACH - REACH's activities in April 21- May 21, 2014

Capacity Building:

  • Conducting 7 Health Awareness Training for total 350 Syrian female refugees in Sulaimaniya and Erbil Province.
  • Starting 2 vocational training in Barika- Sulaimaniya province for the 17 women in Sewing and 13 men in hair cutting. 2 trainers are chosen from the Syrian refugees as well.
  • Opening literacy courses for 16 Syrain women above the age of 25 for 2 months in the first stage in Moqbla Camp in Sumeel area – Duhok province.
  • Completing a computer course of 18 Syrain refugees (6 females and 12 males) and starting a new coputer course for another 18 interested Syrain in Moqbla camp – Sumeel area – Duhok province.
  • Starting a hair cutting course for 11 female Turkish refugees in Meserek villiage in Duhok province 


  • Helping 39 Syrian Families financially in ( Cash for house rent and for work )  In Suliamniya and Erbil Province
  • Distributing Food Items for total of 1080 urban Syrian refugee families resident in Sulaimaniya Province and continuing with the process through May.


  • Cleaning 1 Irrigation water channel in Zhallay Darband village in Sangaw area – Sulaimaniya province which can supply 200 Acres of land and 55 farmers will be benefit of it.
  • Establishing a drinking water Project based on well in Hajiwisu village in Degalla area – Erbil province which 22 families will benefit from it.


  • Preparing 31 Plastic houses in Bareka - Suliamaniya province for the spring harvest which 31 Iranian refugees families will be benefit from it .
  • Locating places 2 Nurseries in Degalla and Banimaran villages in Erbil province which have the productive capacity of 5000 plants in one season and 70 families will be benefit from it.
  • Putting 185 beehives for 37 Turkish refugee families in Daratoo village in Sheikhan area - Duhok province.
  • Starting with establishing 12 plastic houses for 24 Turkish refugee families in Daratoo village – Duhok province.
  • helping 5 Turkish refugee families in Daratoo and Hussania village – Duhok province through providing the families with machines and all necessary tools for small businesses like (sewing and blacksmith)

Equipment, quick projects and renovation:

  • Approval Preparation for 10 renovation and building Projects for the Syrian refugees in Bahirka and Kasnazan area - Erbil province.
  • Finalizing and handing over of 6 houses in Bareka by 6 Iranian refuges families to live in.
  • Starting with building of a Community Center in Sulaimaniya province ( city center ) to include activities for the Syrian refuges and gather them in an active atmosphere.

Art and relieving distress

  • Opening a theatre course for 15 Syrian refugee kids between age of (7-13) in Arbat Camp – Suliamnaiya Province
  • Opening the first phase of courses of (language, painting, music and sport) for more than100 Syrian refugees among age of (13 - 30) in Sulaimaniya province.


  • Monitoring and assessment process continues with most of projects.


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