13 May 2014

Harikar - Weekly Report 4 May - 7 May 2014

  • PARC team did 4 filed visits in Duhok/ Grebase, Hussainya, Sarsing and Amedya-Kniya Mala for 99 SAS, Turkish refugees and IDP families and their needs were identified.
  • PARC referred 15 different cases of SAS and old refugees to different institutions that Harikar has coordination with for providing them with assistance and services.
  • Legal assistance has been provided for 5 cases of camp and non-camp Syrian Asylum Seekers and Turkish refugees.
  • PARC team in Domiz Camp reported 29 cases related to registration and followed up them with registration center.
  • PARC/ Gawelan team did protection interviews with 16 SAS families in Akre Camp.
  • PARC team followed up the medical cases identified in the previous weeks and the cases referred to other stakeholders to be aware of their situation and services provided for them.
  • Continuous Follow up for 11 registration cases.
  •  PARC attended a session on "Procurement guideline" conducted by UNHCR.
* PARC Medical Reimbursement Program:
  • PARC/ CSA and the medical advisor visited the two settlements of refugees; Hussainya and Daratoo. During the visits, PARC team identified 10 medical cases in Hussianya and 19 in Daratoo to be included in the medical reimbursement program.
  • Attending the monthly Working Group Meeting of the DoE, to discuss the situation of the non-camp schools and the DoE concerns regarding to the education sector challenges.
  • Working on tenders for the approved two QIPs of Rangin school and Bardarash youth center; translation of BoQs and reviewing tender documents.
  • Site visits with UNHCR to Shindokha Health Center and Emergency Hospital to follow up on DoH proposals.
  • Office work: Reporting and summarizing the collected information and data entry.
* The total clients/cases received by Harikar-WLC at Domiz Camp were (43) cases; including counseling, referrals, legal, GBV, Psychosocial, health issues, jobs seekers and women interested in trainings.
* Other activities by HARIKAR-WLC:
  •  Discussing and following up a case of SAS in Domiz Camp with legal center and DTVAW.
  • WLC presented an information session about "Dealing with Different Personalities" for 11 women from Domiz Camp.
  • WLC coordinated and discussed some cases of SAS from Domiz Camp with the police station.
  • During the week, PARC/ WLC team went for mobilization 3 times with 3 groups of volunteers.

  • LSC has presented 13 legal services and 13 social services during the week.
  • LSC has conducted a workshop on "Pregnancy" for 27 women from Domiz Camp.
Community Cohesion in Northern Iraq
-  GTI Duhok team found a suitable hall and started rehearsing the new scenario.
-  GTI staff started filing all the documents and activities included in the PCN 006.
-  Completing the database for the 14 previous performances of PCN 010.
-  GTI staffs met with IRD and discussing the new activities included in PCN 012.

Harikar Legal Clinic
-During the reporting period, a total of 15 cases were received in both legal clinic office and during the outreach visits. Among the 15 cases, 4 were full legal representation and 11 were legal consultations. The 4 full legal representations were (1 divorce, 1 criminal defense (female), 1 criminal defense (male) and proving/ registration of marriage/ divorce. The legal consultations were given by the clinic lawyers on various legal issues to the clients approached the clinic office and met during the outreach visits.
-Regarding the outreach visits, 3 visits were paid to Akre, Amediya and Zakho districts. The team was consisted of a lawyer and a social worker. The visits covered the courthouses, women unions and IDP sites.
Child Friendly Space at Domiz Camp
  • Child Friendly Space could enroll a number of children from Domiz Camp in the various activities of the week such as: painting, music and sports. Children who participated and attended the activities were between the ages of (4-17). The activities were held in Kulilik and Nergiz Centers at Domiz Camp.
Hygiene Education and Promotion
  • Harikar’s HP staff in coordination with PWJ’s staff discussed KAP survey (Knowledge, attitude and practices) before starting tent to tent survey. After the meeting, Harikar HP staff worked on the questions in the KAP survey.
  • Preparations for starting tent to tent survey from sector 1 to sector 30 in Domiz Camp.
Literacy Initiative for Empowerment (LIFE) in Iraq
  • Teaching 350 beneficiaries reading, writing and mathematics based on the National Literacy Curriculum in Iraq.
  • Starting the computer course in Kar Center for 120 beneficiaries.
  • The team presented tow lectures on HIV in Kar and Jiyan centers. The number of attendants was 180 females in both centers
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