13 May 2014

TDH - C4D Project

Terre des Hommes Italy is active in Basirma Camp implementing a project funded by Unicef and in partnership with Al Mesalla, on Child Protection and Communication for Development (C4D).
Staff has been trained on Child Protection, Psychosocial Support activities and on Methods to plan and deliver awareness campaigns during the month of April and beginning of May.
The first recreational activities already started and they are conducted by a team of social workers, educators and volunteers involving minors from 4 to 15 in one tent, while a more comprehensive CFS will be established in the next period.
In the month of April a Polio Awareness Campaign has been realized with a tent to tent approach and through awareness sessions for mothers. The vaccination action of the Doctors has been monitored by the teams of mobilizers to guarantee that all children from 0 to 5 years  had been vaccinated. A second Campaign is taking place in the week from the 11th and 14th of May 2014, with same kind of activities conducted in the first campaign.
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