07 May 2014

PAX - Kulluna Muwatinun, We are all Citizens Program

Monday night PAX organized a flashmob in the Family Mall in Erbil as part of it's activities in the framework of the "Kulluna Muwatinun - We are all citizens" program. This program is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the EU. The program promotes freedom of religion and the protection of minority rights from a conflict transformation perspective, aiming to strengthen a discourse of citizenship and equal rights to counter sectarian mindsets. 

The participants worked during 2 days to prepare the event during the training to define the message to be shared through the event and informed local authorities (members of the Erbil Governorate Council and Director of the NGO directorate of Kurdistan) and media about the event. 

As a result the flashmob was attended by a lot of media (TV and newspapers) who filmed the event and interviewed the participants and organizers.

Al Hurra Iraqiyya TV has made a long recording with different persons and their was shown Tuesday night on TV between 8pm and 9pm. You can find a YouTube Link here: 

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