22 Apr 2014

REACH - Activity Update Apr 6 - Apr 20, 2014.

REACH activities in the last two weeks: Apr 6 - Apr 20, 2014.

- Conducting 4 Health Awareness Training for total 190 Syrain femal refuges in Sulaimaniya and Erbil Porvince.

- Establishing 2 gardens (200m2) in Sarqalla and Gobtapa villages – Sangaw district – Sulaimaniya Province. And designate them to poor families to be a source of income. This 2 gardens will benefit Families in the area as general and will have the impact on people to depend more on local products and will lead to strengthening the infrastructure.

- Maintaining 5 plastic houses that were destroyed with wind in Kanishaetan area – Suliamniya province, planting 1300 plants and putting the irrigation system for nearly 20 acres field.

- Preparation for a party on May 1st for the Syrian refugees in Arbat Camp.

- Locate, design and preparation for building 1 community center and 44 shops for the Syrain refugees in the new Arabt camp.

- Locate and design for drinking water circulating system in Bareka area – Suliamaniya province which benefits 18 families (110) Iranian refuges resident in the area.

- Monitoring and assessment process continues with most of projects.

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