22 Apr 2014

HARIKAR - Weekly Report 13 Apr – 17 Apr 2014




-     PARC team did 3 field visits in Summel/Shahidan, Duhok/Zirka, and Duhok Khabat. During the 3 visits, the team interviewed 31 families (138 individuals), and there needs were identified.

-   PARC team did 7 assessment visits for refugees in Hussainya, Daratoo, Malabirwan and Balqos. During the week 388 families were interviewed and main issues were identified and information was collected to be shared with UNHCR and REACH Organization for livelihood programs.

-   21 Different cases of SAS and old refugees were referred to different institutions theta Harikar has coordination with for providing them with assistance and services.

-    Legal assistance has been provided for 11 cases of camp and non-camp SASs as such: Received cases (4), resolved cases (3) and legal advice (4).

-    PARC team in Domiz Camp reported 21 cases related to registration and followed up them with registration center.

-    Follow up and case management has been done for 9 different cases of SAS by PARC team.

-    Meeting with UNHCR, Reach Organization regarding livelihood and cash assistance programs for regular and old Syrian cases.

-    PARC attended the coordination of non-camp protection assistance and services for Syrian refugees in Duhok Governorate.

-    PARC/ Protection team for Gawilan and Akre attended one day training on the referral process for Akre Camp.

-    Tender opening procees was carried out for providing meals for the SAS in Bagid Kandala Camp.




-      Field visit to Sumel (Barokh School) to reassess and take the measurements for new construction within the school. In addition, visiting DoE of Sumel to coordinate with them regarding to the schools in Sumel which are to be renovated under QIPs.

-      Rewriting proposals and BoQ for Rangeen School, sharing them with UNHCR for approval.





* The total clients/cases received by HARIKAR-WLC at Domiz Camp were (49) cases; (11) cases of them were GBV cases while the other (38) cases were NON-GBV cases, as following:

- Counseling (14): (11) Psychosocial cases and (3) legal cases

- Case Management/follow up (11) as following:

- 2 legal cases (GBV)

- 9 social cases (5 GBV cases and 4 psychosocial cases)

- Referral: (4) cases have been referred to:

- 2 MSF

- 2 IRC

- Other cases: (20) cases as following:

- 2 women want to participate in training courses

- 2 women want to participate in information sessions

- 8 health issues

- 2 disabled women

- 4 Specific needs

- 2 Job seekers


* Other activities by HARIKAR-WLC:

-          PARC/ WLC team attended a seminar about "Safety of Children" in Cultural Center/Sumel. The team discussed the services provided for women in Domiz Camp.

-          Attending a play in Sardam Center. The play was about the harshness of life in Domiz Camp especially for children.

-          Attending a meeting with UNHCR, UNFPA and DTVAW. The attendants discussed the phenomena of early marriage in Domiz Camp. The attendants decided to talk to mullahs, mokhtars and heads of sectors to reduce the early marriage.

-          PARC/WLC team conducted an information session about "Hygiene and Cleanness" for 15 SAS females.

-          PARC/ WLC team participated in the clean-up campaign in Domiz Camp.



-   The LSC participated in the Cleaning up Day in Domiz Camp.

-  LSC conducting a workshop about "Hygiene and and Cleanness" at Harikar's LSC in Domiz Camp. 20 females attended the workshop.  



Community Cohesion in Northern Iraq

* The GTI team conducted one performance in:

- Trade High School, the number of the attendants was 154.

* Main Achievements of the Project up to date:

- The team of CCNI project could achieve to conduct 19 play performances with one for test.

- The total number of audience that attended the performances up to date has reached 2321 persons.



Hygiene Education and Promotion


-      The team visited DoH in order to discuss the subject of leaflets and information within the leaflets.

-    Hygiene Promotion team participated in the Cleaning up Day in Domiz Camp.

-  Attending a workshop held by UNICEF in Akre, the purpose behind this workshop was to identify each organization’s activities in Akre camp and the processes of referrals.

-    The team coordinated with DMC and UNICEF to begin the activities of the Hygiene Promotion project which will start by training some volunteers by DoH.



Child Friendly Space at Domiz Camp

- During the week, Child Friendly Space could enroll a number of children in Domiz Camp in the various activities of the week such as: painting, music, sports  and a part in the occasion of spring. Children who participated and attended were between the ages of (4-17). The activities were held in Kulilik and Nergiz Centers at Domiz Camp.


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