21 Apr 2014

DRC Program Update 01 Mar - 15 Apr 2014

DRC Humanitarian Intervention


DRC is implementing key services in the sectors of WASH, Shelter, Protection, distribution of Core Relief Items (CRI/NFI), Camp Coordination and Camp Management, and Livelihoods.


In the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), DRC is supporting the Syrian emergency response targeting refugees in both camp and non-camp communities, as well as a selected case load of extremely vulnerable beneficiaries from the host communities.


In the other parts of Iraq, DRC is working to assist Internally Displaced People and in particular female headed households, the chronically ill and households of majority children under ten.


New developments:





  • In Erbil and Duhok governorates, DRC conducted a series of training sessions on Small Business Development for 134 beneficiaries (100 in Qushtapa Camp in Erbil and 34 in Duhok). Each training session lasting three days focused on starting and running a small business, dealing with customer satisfaction, reinvestment strategies, business record keeping, and value addition. In addition, beneficiaries were supported to develop business plans. In Duhok, 34 of the completed business plans were supported, each with Cash Grant of USD 1,200.In March, DRC also made 39 new job placements for 31 Syrian refugees and 8 members of the host communities.



  • Maintenance of adequate water, sanitation and hygiene services is part of the critical role of DRC in Qushtapa Camp. during the reporting period, DRC distributed 912 UNICEF baby kits and 1,021 UNICEF adult kits to 4,563 individuals. Another 322 cleaning kits for household-shared latrines and showers were distributed while conducting hygiene promotional activities that targeted all individuals residing in the camp. The implementation of WASH activities through community participation provides a means for the refugees to earn income. 65 refugees received cash-for-work by assisting in cleaning, hygiene promotion and water quality testing, as well as installation of garbage collection points throughout the entire camp.



  • In Qushtapa Camp, DRC completed the construction of 240 tent slabs and 60 kitchens ending the first phase of a UNCHR-funded shelter project on 15th April, 2014.


Core Relief Item

  • Fuel distribution for the Month of March was successfully completed with 1,606 households in Basirma and Qushtapa Camps each receiving 20 liters of kerosene, totaling 32,120 liters that was distributed.



In South/Central Iraq:



  • On 8 March, phase II of the vocational training activities under AusAID support was completed in Missan at MoLSA Training Center for 36 beneficiaries in the occupations of Welding (13 beneficiaries) , Electrical Installation (12 beneficiaries) and Plumbing (11 beneficiaries). Individual tool kits have been provided to all graduating beneficiaries as well.


  • Post-graduation follow up on beneficiaries' progress is ongoing. Out of 125 TVT beneficiaries that were enlisted in Missan, 58 of them (around 46%) have either started a small business or have been. Also from 125 beneficiaries in Basrah, DRC has followed 35 cases (representing 28% of enlisted beneficiaries) that are currently employed.


  • DRC has been advocating for Iraqi Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs' (MoLSA) to provide individual loans for TVT beneficiaries in Missan, Basrah, Diyala and Baghdad. So far, 21 beneficiaries of DRC's supported training have been registered for the MoLSA loan scheme in Missan (16 persons) and Basrah (5 persons). Several conditions are restricting access to the loan scheme including lack of legal title to prove ownership for shops and extremely high tax requirement to operate a small business.



  • DRC's protection monitoring is taking place in Baghdad. During the month of March several outreach visits were conducted, with 363 cases documented and cash assistance provided to 72 families from Alghazaleya, Aldorra, Hettin, Aladameya, Alamereya, Alkhadra and Atifeya.



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